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As pet owners and animal lovers ourselves, we understand that your companions are less like pets and more like meaningful, loved family members. Led by Dr. Angie Haag, as well as a friendly and enthusiastic team, Dwight Veterinary Clinic is dedicated to serving the pets of Dwight, Illinois and surrounding areas. Our unmatched team of veterinary professionals is highly experienced in caring for canines and felines!

Introduction To Our Practice

Your pet’s health and wellbeing is our #1 priority. Our modern facility equipped with advanced diagnostic and surgical technology allows us to offer a full-range of services with a focus on preventative health. We strongly believe in the power of client education. While we can provide your four-legged family members with optimal service at our clinic, it is invaluable to provide preventative care at home! Check out our helpful resources for you to learn how to better care for your pet.

Beyond leading veterinary services, we aim to create a warm and welcoming environment so your pet can feel safe and at home. If you have any questions about our facility or would like to schedule an appointment, do not hesitate to call us.

We treat your pets like the valued family members they are.

Our History

In June of 1951, Dwight Veterinary Clinic opened its doors under the ownership of Dr. Robert K. Gay. At this time, the practice was predominately related to livestock. However, with the change in agricultural practices during the late 1950’s, Dr. Gay’s practice gradually shifted to treating companion animals.

In 1975, Dr. Gay opened Pine Bluff Animal Hospital and expanded his practice to six veterinarians. At this time, the practice was 60% small animal and 40% large animal. An L.L.C. was formed in 1999 with Dr. Gay, Dr. Louis Cronin (Kansas State, 1975), Dr. Larry Johnson (Missouri, 1976), Dr. Brian Schmidt (Illinois, 1982), and Dr. R. Todd Gay (Illinois, 1983). With the addition of six new veterinarians, the practice now solely focused on small animal care.

To better serve the pets and pet owners of Morris, Illinois, Lakewood Animal Hospital opened its doors in 1992. In 2011, the practice added its fourth clinic, Skinner Animal Clinic, to serve the Wilmington, Illinois area. All four locations are full-service hospitals offering general medicine, surgical procedures, dentistry, nutritional and behavioral counseling, and emergency services. Pine Bluff Animal Hospital is our referral center, performing orthopedic and soft-tissue surgeries for our patients, as well as other clinics in the area.

It is our greatest pleasure to serve our clients and care for their four-legged family members! We welcome you to come in and meet our highly-trained staff. Feel free to also stop by for a tour of our facilities! If you cannot visit, you can learn more about our dedicated staff and state-of-the-art facilities on our associated clinics websites.

“We love what we do… We love who we do it for!”

Dr. Robert K. Gay

Dr. Robert K. Gay, the founder of Dwight Veterinary Clinic which evolved into the Dwight-Pine Bluff-Lakewood Animal Hospitals, LLC passed away on February 14, 2005. Our clinics lost an extremely talented veterinarian and a true friend. Dr. Gay was a renowned mentor of many young veterinarians and set up the partnerships which would keep our practices thriving.

Dr. Gay graduated from the Ontario Agricultural College and Ontario Veterinary College of the University of Guelph, Canada in 1950. He opened his first clinic in Dwight in 1951, followed by Pine Bluff Animal Hospital in 1975, and later Lakewood Animal Hospital in 1992.

He will be remembered for his undying love of animals and his devotion to the people of Central, Illinois. In his own words, “I don’t know what I would have rather done and I don’t know a place I’d rather have done it in. It’s been a wonderful life.” Farewell, good friend.

Dr. Louis W. Cronin

May 2, 1947 - November 23, 2016

"I love helping people take care of their family members."

Dr. Louis Cronin considered his clients and their pets family, and treated them as such. Dr. Cronin earned his degree in veterinary medicine from Kansas State University, and joined Dwight Veterinary Clinic in 1975. He was a proud member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association. After practicing compassionate and high-quality animal medicine at Dwight Animal Clinic, Lakewood Animal Hospital, Pine Bluff Animal Hospital, and Skinner Animal Clinic for forty years, his contributions will never be forgotten.

Dr. Cronin impacted our hospital family and the local community in an immeasurable way. He was many things to many people and animals. With our hospital family, he was an adored friend and devoted veterinarian. To Guardian Angel Basset Rescue and Livingston County Humane Society, he was a generous volunteer and talented veterinary professional. To St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, he was a charitable member and reliable church President. To the National Parks Conservation Association, he was a protector of nature who now, is forever amongst the beauty of the great outdoors.

We are fortunate to have worked alongside someone with such a big, benevolent heart who always inspired others with his enthusiasm and zest for life. Dr. Cronin is survived by the love of his life, Lynne, as well as three children, seven grandchildren, and four siblings. He savored traveling, camping, hiking, swimming, and spending time with his family and bird, Beeker. To his last day, Dr. Cronin was emphatic that we have so much to be thankful for, and it truly is a wonderful life.

Compassionate Care for Your Pets in Dwight

When your beloved pet needs medical attention, you want to ensure they are in the best hands possible. At our vet clinic, we pride ourselves on having a team that embodies compassion, professionalism, and top-tier training, making us a leading animal hospital in Dwight, IL.

  1. Understanding Your Pet's Needs - Our team is not just highly skilled; they are also pet owners who understand the deep bond between pets and their families. We approach every case with a level of empathy and kindness that ensures your pet feels comfortable and at ease, no matter the procedure or treatment they are undergoing.
  2. A Safe and Welcoming Environment - We've worked hard to create a safe, stress-free environment that helps calm the nerves of both pets and owners.

A Team of Veterinary Professionals in Dwight

  1. Experienced Veterinarians - Our veterinary team in Dwight, IL, is composed of seasoned professionals who bring years of experience to the table. They are equipped to handle everything from routine check-ups to complex surgeries, always prioritizing the health and well-being of your pet.
  2. Continuing Education and Training - The veterinary field is constantly advancing, and we stay at the forefront by investing in ongoing education and training. Our vets and support staff regularly attend seminars and workshops to keep their skills sharp and stay updated on the latest in animal healthcare.

Well-Trained Support Staff

  1. Veterinary Technicians and Assistants - Supporting our Dwight veterinarians is a group of well-trained technicians and assistants who play a crucial role in the care of your pet. They are skilled in various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, ensuring your pet receives comprehensive care.
  2. Client Service Representatives - Our client service representatives are the first faces you will see when you visit our clinic. They are trained to provide you with all the information you need and to ensure your visit is as smooth as possible.

The Best Team in Dwight, IL - Why Choose Us?

Our veterinary team in Dwight, IL, stands out for its dedication to excellence. From the moment you walk through our doors, you will feel the difference that a compassionate, professional, and well-trained team can make.

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