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Senior Pet Care In Dwight, IL

Generally, canines are considered seniors at age 7 and felines are considered seniors at age 8. At Dwight Veterinary Clinic, we want your pet to be happy, healthy, and active into old age—after all, it’s their golden years!

Caring For Your Senior Pet

As a pet ages, the immune system weakens. This makes your senior pet much more susceptible to illness, disease, and parasite infestation. For this reason, we strongly encourage semi-annual visits so we can keep a closer eye on changes in health such as weight loss, pulmonary health, lung disease, dental disease, cataracts, glaucoma, arthritis, and cancer.

You can expect your senior sweetheart to develop age- related behaviors such as greater vocalization, confusion and disorientation, irritability, less responses, less grooming, house soiling, repetitive actions, frequent wandering, and an altered sleep schedule. This is normal! Do not give up on your companion. Our trained and experienced medical team is here to help with these new challenging behaviors.

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